Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swamp tour!

Swamp Tour! One of the things I love most about playing music is being able to weave it in with visiting friends and family. In a few weeks I will do just that!

 July 30th- Savannah (house show) shhh July 31st- Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly w/ Canary in the Coalmine, Tobacco Pat, and Lucky Jukebox Brigade
August 1st- St. Augustine, Fl @ TBA, but Jacob Hamilton is hooking it up! 
August 3rd- Gainesville, FL @ Loosey's w/ Whiskey & Co, the Treats and Company Man 
August 5th- Athens, GA @ Highwire Lounge w/ Outer Spaces(probably). 
August 6th- Asheville, NC ???

West Coast 2012

I'm not the best at updating my blog, I apologize. In late May/early June I toured out west with Tim Barry and Kevin Seconds. I got to play a lot of really cool shows and took even cooler pictures. I also got to meet some really incredible people and catch up with some old friends. I had a really great time. Here are a few of the pictures I took. LAX
Gallivanting around Silver Lake. We played a show in Long Beach at the Alex's Bar, which is where they shoot bar scenes for True Blood. If I watched the show I would probably be way more excited about it, but this is their bathroom filled with creepy cupie doll paintings.
Las Vegas is just as weird and saturated as you think it's going to be before you go. Then you get there, and the reality of its weirdness is more than you can process at the time. I took an embarrassing amount of pictures here, but these are the highlights:
At first, you're all like 'Oh, cool, Tupac,' but THEN you're all like 'holy shit, is that a little person Mr. T??!!!!'
and I ran into Zoro at the drug store.
I got to see Rancid from backstage, which felt a lot like grown up me giving 15 year old me an epic time-traveling high five. We also went to Tempe, AZ. I met people from all walks of biker gang life from weekend warrior moms and dads, Buddhist bikers and actual Hell's Angels.
We also stopped off in at a gift shop in the middle of nowhere Nevada and it did not disappoint.
This is me in front of a giant cactus.
This is San Diego.
This is I-5 North.
The thing about these pictures is that they were taken one after another. Ocean to my left, mountains to my right.
Weird tits.
This dog almost brought me to tears.
Every show or town has its pluses and minuses, but I would say overall the most amazing place we went on the tour was Black Butte, CA. Really amazing, beautiful place and people.
I ate delicious donuts in Portland, and saw a few old friends.
In Seattle I saw more old friends, my cousin and SLEEP!
After Seattle I flew back to Richmond, slept as much as I could and got ready to hit up the east coast. It's been a really great summer. Stay Gold, Julie

Sunday, April 15, 2012


man, the last few months have been a whirl of really awesome things, both musically and lifewise. it's rad, it's exhausting and exhilarating, too. a while back tim barry asked me to sing a few tracks for his new record, and of course without hesitation i said yes. it was really neat getting to be a part of the process, and i think the final product is awesome! his new record, 40 miler, it great and you should definitely check it out.
tim, josh small, andrew alli and myself played a record release show on friday the 13th and it was a really amazing time. i met a lot of really great people and it was such a thrill to play all the songs that the four of us have been collaborating on for the last few months. you can check out the record at promise you'll like it.
i have started playing some music with my friend wess brockman who is in several richmond bands, including the super rad fire bison. we will be playing a show with my new york buds, fletcher c. johnson, at cous cous in richmond on may 3rd. here is a track that we worked on together and recorded in wess's room.

i am also putting out a 7inch in late may and couldn't be happier about it! my good friend talia miller is putting out and i'm so stoked.

here is a list of my upcoming tour dates, more will be added probably. the best way to find out is to go to

stay gold.


WEST COAST DATES- all with Tim Barry and most with Kevin Seconds.
May 25th, LONG BEACH, CA- Alex's Bar
May 26th, TEMPE, AZ- Yucca Taproom
May 28th, SAN DIEGO, CA- Casbah
May 29th, VENTURA, CA- Zoey's
May 30th, SAN FRANCISCO,CA- Thee Parkside
June 1st, PORTLAND, OR- Hawthorne Lounge
June 2nd- SEATTLE, WA- El Corazon

EAST COAST DATES w/ Tim Barry, Josh Small and Andrew Alli
June 8th- CAMBRIDGE, MA- Middle East Upstairs
June 9th- PROVIDENCE, RI- Fete Music Lounge
June 15th- PHILLY, PA- Johnny Brenda's
June 16th- NEW YORK, NY- Santos Party Room
June 23rd- CHARLOTTE, NC- The Milestone
June 30th- RICHMOND, VA- The Camel
July 7th- WASHINGTON, DC- The Red Palace
July 14th- VIRGINIA BEACH, VA- The Jewish Mother
July 21st- CHAPEL HILL, NC- Local 506
July 28th- BALTIMORE, MD- Ottobar

Saturday, January 21, 2012

a couple of richmond shows!

on friday, january 27th, i'm playing a show in richmond with josh small and austin lucas. it's a house show, which is awesome.
and on february 16th i'm playing a show at steady sounds records with screaming females. i am excited about this show.
i am also playing the next week on feb 20t at the camel with christopher paul stelling. this is his website,


Sunday, January 8, 2012


i've made some babysteps into more modern times and i now have a bandcamp. there are five songs you can download, and mant more to come. you can check it out... or not. it's whatever.

stay gold, julie

january stuff!

i'm playing a few shows this month. monday, jan. 9th, i'm playing in savannah. my grandma might come, just saying.

after that, i'm heading to gainesville for a few days and playing a show at the lunchbox downtown on thursday, january 12th. here's a facebook event link,

and then back to richmond! on friday, january 27th, i'm playing with austin lucas and josh small. here's a link to that:

and hopefully sooner than later i'll have some new music recorded and maybe even a record closer to summer. the world might be ending this year, but i guess that's all the more reason just to go H.A.M. on things. you feel?

stay gold, julie

Monday, August 29, 2011

Witched, Young Adult Fiction, Little Master and Me!

this show is going to be awesome. promise.